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Magicard UltraLE Laser Card Engraver ( Single Sided )


Magicard UltraLE Laser Card Engraver ( Single Sided )

UltraLE laser card engraver

Laser engraving solution for tamper proof card issuance.

Trusted tamperproof security

The Ultra LE offers engraved visual security that is both durable and difficult to replicate or alter. Its advanced laser engine with high marking quality enables embossed raised type, clear detailed laser engraving, laser monochrome printing and two image lenticular printing.

Compact and eco-friendly for field-based use

The eco-friendly Ultra LE is small and lightweight; making it ideal for decentralised card processing. Its reliable mechanism is designed for low maintenance and ease of support in the field.

Use in combination with the Prima 4

Using a specially designed interface unit, the Ultra LE can laser etch text and features in-line on to a high resolution colour ID card that has just been personalised on a Magicard Prima 4 printer.

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