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Evolis Quantum ID Card Printer ( Single / Dual Sided )


Evolis Quantum ID Card Printer ( Single / Dual Sided )

The power of an industrial card printer. The flexibility of a desktop printer


The Quantum card  printer is the solution for printing and encoding cards in large volumes. 

It personalizes the cards front and back, in color or monochrome, with a printing speed ofmore than 1000 cards per hour.

Quantum combines the feel of a desktop printer with the power of an industrial printer for centralized production of plastic cards in large quantities.

Quantum is ideal for delivering large volumes of:

- ID badges

Loyalty cards

Transit passes

- Event badges

Student cards

Payment cards

Phone cards

Printing: Single-sided, Double-sided

Encoding: Magnetic stripes, Smart contact, Smart contactless

Card lifespan:1-3 years

Number of cards per year: More than 30,000

Card security level: High

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