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ID Round Badge Reel (Small)


ID Round Badge Reel (Small)

The retractable badge reels are the most popular marketing tool thathelps employees to keep track of an id card. It’s a round reel with belt side clip at the back with a snapping closurewith a very tough material so it can take a lot to break through this. Badge reels use a spring loaded retractable cord to attach to ID cards. It has 30 inches retractable cord makes it easier for a door reader to read the ID card of a personor whenever there is a need to present an ID badge.

You can have these Reel Badges in five different colors including white, red, blue, green and black.

This reel can be imprinted on the space given at the front with our full color screen printing. Printing your company’s logo on these Round Reel Badges would be a positive thought for promoting a brand.

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