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Now make your employees much more punctual in your office with our time attendance machines. Our time attendance machines are capable of recording the data of over 20,000 employees. These machines are very accurate and secure to store the data of time attendance of all the employees of an organization in an effective way. These machines provide a very user-friendly interface with the help of which, you can set it up for the first time use. These time attendance machines can also provide you features like door lock system data, backup and retrieve, Wi-Fi compatibility, 3g connectivity, door sensor, exit button, alarm doorbell, and much more.

All the time attendance machines are designed to make regular backups of all the data that is a stored inside of them. This keeps an extra layer of security to keep the data safe. For the accurate time attendance of the employees of an office, these time attendance machines use fingerprints to mark attendance of employees. Employees simply have to give their finger impression when they come to office and when they leave their office. A few of our time attendance machines also come with a dedicated camera which can also be used to mark attendance of the employees.

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