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Smart cards are simply plastic ID cards that have built-in microprocessors used in the identification of the person holding the ID card. We are the ID card printers in Dubai that provide the best technology that you can trust. You can also start using these smart cards in your organization as a security measure. These smart cards can also be used for making financial transactions. These cards are already being used by many of the market leaders as a security measure. We are providing a complete range of the smart cards, card printers, and the card readers.

One of the best things about these smart cards is that you can do your customization with these smart cards. You can also get NFC stickers from us that can be used in the mass market. Examples for NFC sticker uses include consumer electronics, gaming, and retail.

Mifare sticker is another technology that we provide in UAE and many other countries. These stickers are used as contactless smart cards and can be applied for many different purposes. Some of the key applications of these Mifare stickers are as follows-

Gaming, identity, e-ticketing, access control, and public transportation. There are also different stickers available to suit the different needs.

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