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Apart from the ID cards printing in Dubai, we also provide a bunch of other solutions that we are going to let you know about. One of the machines that we are providing is a banknote counter which is considered to be very accurate for counting a large amount of money in just a few minutes.

We are also offering canteen management machines with the help of which you can schedule and make orders while you are sitting in the canteen with the help of our canteen management machine.

Parking management machines are also one of the solutions that we provide such as boom barrier, point of scale, server, and much more services as such. These machines let you count the number of vehicles parked in the parking area in real time. This parking machines also offer you security features like license plate recognition and some other statistical reporting systems.

Employee self-service is another solution that we provide. This employee self-service includes access control system, time and attendance system, visitor management, and meal management. We recommend you to check our full list of services that we are providing for our employee self-service solution which includes a lot of services.

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