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Morpho 300 Finger Print and Card Reader

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Morpho 300 Finger Print and Card Reader

The MorphoSmart 300 Series (MSO 300 Series) is a family of robust and high quality optical sensors capable of:

high quality single fingerprint image acquisition

biometric template coding

fingerprint matching

As such, they cover a wide range of applications in commercial and governmental environments.

Features at a Glance

Excellent fingerprint capture (23*23mm sensing area) and processing performances

All-in-one: integrates sensor + embedded feature extractor & matcher + internal user database

Multitask: suited for enrollment, authentication and identification

Large internal database capacity (up to 5000 users)

High accuracy

Patented Fake Finger Detection in option (MSO 301): Common Criteria certified by the BSI

Tailored for the registration of young or elderly people and manual laborers

- FBI PIV IQS certification on the whole range

Multiple template & image formats (ISO 19794-2, ANSI/INCITS 378, Proprietary ; ISO 19794-4, WSQ compressed in option…)

Security features to protect the communication channel between host and device (integrity check, data encryption)

Smartcard reader in option for Match-On-Card on MSO 350 & 351 (FIPS 210 certified)

SDK is available for integration into Windows, Linux and Android platforms

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