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Fingerprint readers are considered one of the best security measures that are used in today's world. The fingerprint readers that we are providing are very compact and easy to use and yet very secure. These fingerprint readers pack features like image quality certified by FBI PIV IQS,  USB 2.0, large imaging area, and compact design, etc. Fingerprint readers can be used for the purpose of attendance, fingerprint encryption, public security, for social insurance and much more.

Fingerprint readers make sure the accurate fingerprint in scan every time. Also, keeping in mind the real-life situations, these compact machines work with dry, wet and rough fingerprints of the users

We are also availing SDK with the help of which these fingerprint readers can be integrated into Windows, Linux, and Android. It is also very easy to register new fingerprints with these fingerprint readers. We also provide different other security features like integrity check, data encryption to protect the important files of the user stored in the PC. We also have fingerprint readers that have the option of scanning ID cards of the user along with a fingerprint. This will ensure enhanced security and elimination of fraud and unwanted access to secure files.

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